Wilkie Enterprises brings 25 years of successful on-site hospitality operations and consulting expertise within different consumer markets: private and public universities, colleges, commercial restaurants, resorts and health care sectors. While other firms may only advise on change, the Wilkie Enterprise team has orchestrated it successfully on-site in the hospitality industry.

Founded by Susan Wilkie, the firm benefits from her leadership and industry recognition. Awarded the IFMA Silver Plate and the Brandie awards in 1995, Susan created an innovative approach to branding in colleges and universities by developing manufacturer’s branded concepts and infusing local and national brands into the university environment. A believer in “every site has unique criteria for hospitality program development”, she has practiced her art and science as Director of Hospitality Operations at University of Southern California, San Diego State University and the Disneyland Resort. It is only a natural extension to provide the same best practices with innovative approaches to solutions to the hospitality consulting industry...

 Some of Susan’s success includes:
Doubled annual retail revenues at the University of Southern California from $6 million/year to $12 million per year within 7 years.
Established manufacturers branded concepts as a solution to branded concept expansion in the non-traditional marketplace at San Diego State University
Changed the food service culture at the Disneyland Resort Park Operations to realize expanded revenue from $115 million per year to $156 million per year within 5 years with an increase in net income from 42% to 48%. Established high levels of food quality and value for the price with the transformation of Disneyland Park restaurants.
Completed over 60 engagements over the past seven years.

Our firm offers a unique approach to business planning and development. Never has there been a time where resources are so scarce and clients struggle to achieve their goals within a fixed financial parameter. Wilkie Enterprises offers unique, expert, affordable and creative solutions for our clients through strategic alliances with subject matter experts that enhance the value for the price of services rendered.

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